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Riot Points Generator

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You don’t read wrong. Here at Riot Points Generator we give totally free Riot Points Codes. This is only possible by our sponsorship on our website, Facebook page and Facebook group.

At Riot Points Generator you win a free Riot Points code. Choose between 650 Riot Points, 1380 Riot Points or 2800 Riot Points, codes that are already bought by our team and are available here at our website. Free to use on your League of Legends account.

But to win, you need to follow some easy steps through our website, that includes like our page and share our website. This is the only way that make this giveaway possible. Without this we would probably not be able to buy and distribute the code.

After following the steps the code will appear and you can now put it as a prepaid code on your League of Legends account. Then your account will be credited with the amount of Riot Points generated.

Everyone can participate but maybe not everyone can win as demand is very large and the codes can be consumed quickly, so we ask each user to generate only one code per day, so everyone can take advantage of Riot Points Generator.